Native OS X Applications
About the Pricing Information Listed -- General Disclaimer

Please note the following with regards to pricing information on the application list:
    The pricing information may be partially or wholy inaccurate and I make no claims that this information is current, good, or to be made use of by anyone. Use at your own risk.

Ok, then why provide the information? It's meant to be used as a first guess in your searching for software which you may want to buy. All information was at least approximately true at some point, but may have been changed completely by the time you see the list. Of course, I am happy to correct any misleading or wrong information.

All prices are rounded. A list price of $9.95 becomes $10 here, $129 becomes $130, $1920 may be become $2000, depending on my mood.

When giving a range for pricing, I try to only bother with prices for single license, and not the cost of buying multiple copies or the discounts you might get by buying in bulk. I try to include in the range educational pricing if it's easy to find out. Of course, sometimes a product has a convoluted pricing system and then I just take the price for a single, standard license and don't pursue the matter further.

If you are the producer or distributor of a product listed here and find that the information here is inaccurate, email me. I'd be happy to keep the information as accurate as possible (but can't be bothered with constant updates or temporary discounts, etc).