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] (August 26, 2015) So I took the app list out back and set it free to roam in the deep memory of the internet (and the NSA archives). I'm still thinking of doing something with this old domain, but since the world has moved along since its heyday, I'm not really sure about that. Thoughts? I'm on twitter as @hyperjeff.

] Wow, ok, so it seems I hit the snooze button again. I'm never sure what to do with my websites these days. It's, what, May 2015 now? Amazing. I guess every spring I think I have enough energy to restart some of these projects.
] March 5th, 2014. New MacPro here finally. I'm settings things up. I'm keeping a running list of all the little steps that I do to the machine here, if you are interested or have ideas to add.

] Full year of doing nothing on this site. Yawn! I'm up now.
] Hi! It's 2013 and this is the OS X Page. It's time to think through the state of the Mac operating system and our relationship to it. It is still our system, not something locked down like its close relative. For the hobbiest, it is still a vast and open-ended land for exploration. Lately there has been a lack of imagination about what to do with Macs while the world tries to get used to the understandably more exciting world of mobile and multi-touch systems. But times are also only getting more exciting on the Mac side, and it's high time we amped up the fun.

] Pardon the spartan webpage while I organize things. I've been nostalgic about the Apple ][+ days lately.