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1/31/12   Yes, it's been a year since I've last commented on anything here in the app listing. I have neither moved on with a new version of the site yet nor taken down what's here. I wanted to make sure the resource still existed for those still using it. Because I lose money and time maintaining this site (every one of the 20k apps has been hand-entered by yours truly), I've have had to put it on ice during these last many months and attend to my work (as a Mac/iOS consultant).

But I do hope to move this listing into the future, since the Mac App Store, while providing a valuable service, is clearly not the be-all end-all of Mac software, and has important limitations, both in app discovery and in what kinds of things they will ever list. That said, tracking Mac apps has become even more formidable than it has been in the past, so I have to get the pieces together properly first.







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